And here we go again!  So far, the Southern Hemisphere has outdone itself, with legendary “Biggest Ever” swells slamming across an assortment of legendary reefs.  Both Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff and Tahiti’s Teahupoo went well beyond the paddle realm and almost over the top of the mark of what can be sensibly towed. The result was a barrel full of epic still images and video clips which are now populating the Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Entries, the Verizon Wipeeout of the Year category and the Monster Tube division (to say the least.)  Also making the grade was a superb and impeccably groomed swell which spiraled across the coral curves of Cloudbeak off Tavarua, Fiji which made for some all-time epic rides and a few-near-epic moments.  We’ve also got some fine Chile, Mexico and more coming every day.  Check it all out by clicking on the categories to the left.